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Here are some books by Christian authors, pertaining to the inspiration of the Christian reader, both young & old alike.

Provided are the links to each book.

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“ BIGGER GOSPEL” by: Caesar Kalinowski


The gospel is not just about your afterlife and Christianity is not a program in sin management. But too often, we've made it just that small.

Have you wished you could share your Christian faith with others in a natural way without feeling awkward or preachy? Have you ever longed for a faith that touched down more than just a Sunday-to-Sunday leading up to one long afterlife?

Then you need a Bigger Gospel.

The gospel is truly good news to our marriages, parenting, finances and identity. And you can grow in your ability to naturally and confidently speak, live and enjoy the gospel in every area of life. This is called Gospel Fluency.

Bigger Gospel will help you develop the confidence and grace to speak the truth in love - first to yourself - and then with others in a way that is truly good news. Evangelism will no longer be a weird or stressful sales pitch and your discipleship and conversations will be supercharges with good news.



This collection of one hundred poems shares messages of praise for Christians while encouraging others to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. The common thread that links these poems is that people can overcome past troubles to achieve a life of abundance as laid out by the Scriptures. This is a poetic expression of one man's Christian faith in God.

As reviewed by New York Times best selling author Ellen Tanner Marsh

Any Christian surveying the current state of modern poetry could easily become discouraged, given that much of that poetry can only be categorized as nihilistic. At worst, such poems seemingly promote despair and violence—against society, the church, or even against oneself. At best, they consist of self-centered whining and overdramatic emotionalism, completely devoid of spiritual muscle and ethical backbone.

New author Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, in his fine debut collection Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory, takes a fresh stride in the opposite direction, in a poetic compilation that should delight anyone who enjoys reading Christian literature as well as poetry. The book comprises over 100 poems of various lengths, although they generally do not exceed one page. In a slight concession to modern poetic style, some of the stanzas are unrhymed, yet all of them speak to Christian themes, such as faith and its testing, seeking a higher road, the state of grace, error and sin, biblical people and events, and personal redemption through God's word.

A common thread that runs throughout the majority of the poems is that individuals— regardless of any mistakes they may have made in the past—can still turn to Christ as their savior and begin the slow, sometimes painful, but always positive process of redeeming themselves, in developing a new life filled with abundance and spiritual serenity. By reaching for this new and uplifting collection of Christian poems, readers can indeed begin reaching towards God's glory.

“ I PLACE MY HANDS IN HIS “ by: Selena Maya Author

I Place My Hands in His: Forty Days of Devotions invites readers to embark upon a pilgrimage marked by daily encounters with the inspiring reflections of Dr. Selene Maya Author. In this collection, she delves into the rich resources of the Scriptures and the long history left behind by others who have followed Jesus along the spiritual path. Her background as a professional holistic healer also enables her to fold into these devotions her personal insights that help each day’s message to ground itself in the reader’s life. This devotional will lead to healing for the whole person; spiritual empowerment, physical wellness, mental healing and emotional peace.

Each entry focuses on a theme, garners biblical insights, and suggests applications to one’s journey through life. Every chapter provides a lined page for journaling and ends with a list of health tips that extend the day’s themes and learnings into a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Author’s accessible tone appears in “Forgive and Free Yourself.” She writes, “Every one of us has experienced some kind of pain and hurt in the form of bodily injury, sexual abuse, or mental or psychological mistreatment. Whatever form it might be, you can either hold onto the anger, resentment, and vengeful thoughts or you can embrace forgiveness and move forward with your life.”

I Place My Hands in His: Forty Days of Devotions encourages all to take steps toward healing. It provokes one to withstand life’s challenges, express love to others, and trust in God for all things.

“ ALIVE WITH TOMORROW'S MEDICINE “ by: Kristy Moore Hernandez

Are you or a loved one suffering from Chemical Intolerance, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, or Environmental Illness? Are you tired of being sick all the time? Are you terrified of dying without knowing why you’re so sick? Do you feel alone and hopeless? What if I told you that you don't have to suffer and then die of this disease? Would you be open minded enough to try something different?

My name is Kristy Moore Hernandez and I survived a maze of confusion, humiliation, pain, and lost time sick in bed after almost dying from Chemical Intolerance. Even worse than being ill and afraid was the lack of answers and help from the medical community. Sitting at death’s door, I was forced to find my own answers… to pave my own path back to health.

In my journey I found hope, health, and a new quality of life when I surrendered to my intuition and discovered a new way. A way that worked. Are you ready to explore new options? Non invasive options that are drug free, chemical free, and have side effects of increased well being and energy? In this book I will cover everything a chemically intolerant person needs to know to take back their life and get back to health.

You will learn many unique and valuable lessons such as...

~The truth and depth of the chemical problem in regards to your health.

~My experience and the steps I took to get back to health.

~How to restore health despite extreme chemical exposure.

~How to live with less pain, without drugs, without needles and repair your immune system.

~How to live with inspiration instead of desperation.

~More importantly how to gain back your life, with energy to enjoy it!

Find the answers you seek today! The answers that doctors do not have. This book has empowered and educated other sufferers by changing the way they think about healing and being truly well… and it could change your life too!

TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE NOW with Alive with Tomorrow's Medicine and learn how I live a happy, healthy, pain-free life with Chemical Intolerance, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and Environmental Illness.


World events clearly indicate that our generation has been chosen to witness the prophetic last days of this age. During these troubled times, the Bible tells us, ordinary faith will not be enough and many will be lured from God’s truth. In his most important book to date, New York Times bestselling author Hal Lindsey shows us the way to the one kind of faith tough enough to meet the tough times ahead: combat faith. Now, more than ever, we must learn to break the “faith-barrier”; to overcome worry, anxiety, and fear and enter into a new dimension of peace and stability; to claim the invincible inner peace that God has promised each of us—no matter the circumstances.

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