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“LEARNING ABOUT GOD” ( II ) “HEY KIDS -- TEENS -- Young Adults" ~ Are you sometimes afraid? "Nervous" ? ….Or unsure about something? Sometimes, ‘terrible’ things happen in our world. They may affect only you, or many people, including your own family. Sometimes things happen to you that just doesn't seem 'right'. When those things happen ~ it’s natural to feel scared, nervous, sad or even angry. People may have died, been injured or be hurting in some other way. It is understandable if you feel helpless or angry. It seems so unfair ! Maybe you are afraid that something else will happen. You might just feel sad and want to cry. Sometimes crying makes you feel better. Don’t be ashamed... The ONE TRUE and LIVING GOD knows how you feel and HE understands. HE is also sad when terrible things happen. =Here are some questions you might have: 1.Does GOD know about 'me' and care about me? 2.Why do so many bad things happen in the world? 3.Why did GOD allow this to happen? 4.How can I get through this terrible time? 5.HOW CAN YOU BECOME PART OF GOD’S FAMILY? 1.DOES GOD KNOW AND CARE ABOUT ME? Yes! The living GOD does know and care about you. He knows everything. GOD created the whole world and HE knows what happens in every part of it -- nothing is a surprise to HIM. HE knows about accidents, wars and shootings. HE knows about terrible storms, floods and earthquakes. GOD knows what is happening to you and your family. HE cares about what you think and how you feel. HE knows the questions that are on your mind. It may seem like nobody really understands what you are going through, but GOD does. Not only does GOD know you, HE loves you no matter what your thoughts and feelings are. In the Bible, GOD says HE loves you with a love that lasts forever (Jeremiah 31:3). GOD made you and HE knows you better than anyone else does. Maybe you have never thought much about GOD, but HE thinks about you. HE wants you to know HE is in control of everything, even when it doesn’t seem like it. Although evil things happen in this world, GOD is completely good. HE never does anything that is not right. HE is holy perfect and pure. You can trust GOD even when everything around you is going wrong. 2.WHY DO SO MANY BAD THINGS HAPPEN IN THE WORLD? Why are there disasters like fires and floods? Why is there fighting and death? Bad things like these were not always here. When GOD created the world, HE made it perfect. Everything was beautiful and good. What happened? Why did things go wrong? It started when the very first people chose to ignore GOD. Instead of obeying GOD, they did what they wanted to do. Disobeying God is called sin. When sin came into the world, it ruined GOD’S perfect Creation. Bad things started happening in nature - - things like hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. Pain and death came into the world because of sin. Even worse, everyone since then has been born sinful. Because of sin, people do things that hurt others, like saying mean things to people, hating, fighting, killing and stealing. You are not to blame in any way for terrible storms or earthquakes. A child is not to blame if his parents divorce. It is not his fault. But you and I do things that displease GOD and our sin keeps us apart from GOD who is perfect. There is pain and death because of sin. The Bible says sin came into the world and brought death with it (Romans 5:12). 3.HOW COULD GOD ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN? "FREEWILL" is why. We are given a choice of freewill. "Freewill" is - The power of directing our own actions without restraint. That means GOD does not stop us from the choices we make. We make them based on our (freewill) decision to do so. And we live with the consequences of our actions. What we do, "right or wrong" we have to own up to. If we choose (RIGHT) or if we choose (WRONG) we are the ones who decide. This is part of how we learn "good from bad" ~ "right from wrong". Sometimes GOD lets bad things happen that we do not understand. These things are the result of sin. GOD has the power to stop people from doing sinful things but HE has given them freedom to make choices -- even bad choices. GOD has power over nature too, but HE doesn’t always stop the storms or fires. Even though sin causes terrible things to happen, GOD can make good come out of them. People often start caring more about each other. Some might even risk their own lives to help others. More importantly, people may also begin to think more about GOD and what He means to them. GOD is still in control even though it might not seem like HE is. You may never understand why GOD let this happen. But you can know that while you are hurting, HE is hurting too. (We sometimes "grieve HIM). {GRIEVE} means: To give pain of mind to; to afflict; to wound the feelings. Nothing grieves a parent like the conduct of a *profligate child. *(wreckless, wasteful). But GOD is there during this terrible time. HE understands if you are sad or confused. HE knows and cares about what you are feeling. HE loves you. When GOD allows something like this to happen, HE wants to go through it with you. 4.HOW CAN I GET THROUGH THIS TERRIBLE TIME? No matter what happens, GOD can help you get through it. If you become HIS child, HE will take care of you as part of HIS family. GOD is not like earthly fathers -- HE is perfect. HE wants to be your loving Heavenly FATHER and comfort you during this difficult time. GOD lives in Heaven, HIS perfect home. HIS only Son JESUS lives there too. Because GOD is holy HE can’t ignore sin in the world. Sin has to be punished. The Bible tells us that the punishment for sin is death (Romans 6:23). -There are: (2) Deaths. (1st)~The “physical” Hebrews 9:27 and (2nd)~ the “spiritual”. The second Death means you are separated from GOD forever in a terrible place, (The Lake of Fire). In order for (you) to avoid the Second Death -- GOD’S plan to take care of the sin problem was to send HIS Son (JESUS) to take the punishment you and I deserve. GOD sent HIS Son, The CHRIST JESUS to Earth as a baby, (GOD in the flesh). Because HE is the Son of GOD, JESUS is the only one who never sinned. As HE grew up, JESUS never did anything wrong. Then the day came for JESUS to take the punishment for your sin. GOD understands the terrible things you’re going through, because HE has also suffered. Men took JESUS and nailed HIM to a cross. JESUS suffered too. HE bled and died a horrible death. GOD knew this was the only way your sin could be forgiven. We (mankind) needed a "Kinsman Redeemer" to save us. (That means HE had to be directly related to Adam, the first man). (JESUS was) and JESUS was willing to suffer and die for you and me. The Bible says JESUS died on the cross, HE was buried and on the third day ( Just as JESUS said) ~ GOD brought JESUS back to life (1 Corinthians 15:3-4). We know this is true because many people saw JESUS alive on Earth (before) HE went back to Heaven to be with GOD HIS FATHER. As a matter of "fact" - Over ( 500 ) people at the same time, “saw JESUS” (AFTER) HE died and Rose from the grave. HE is alive in Heaven today. And HE [IS] Coming Back ! GOD’S plan in sending HIS SON shows how much HE loves you! HE wants you to be part of HIS own family. 5.HOW CAN YOU BECOME PART OF GOD’S FAMILY? The Bible tells us that anyone who receives JESUS, believing on HIS name, becomes GOD’S child (John 1:12). (There again is, "freewill") and this action of freewill, is the right choice ! To believe on JESUS - is to trust completely that HE died for you so you can be forgiven. If you trust JESUS as the only one who can save you from your sin, GOD will change you and make you HIS own child. Do you believe on JESUS? ( I do ) ! You can use words like these to tell GOD: Dear GOD, I know I have sinned and I’m sorry. I believe that JESUS is YOUR SON, who died for me and came alive again. I receive JESUS as my SAVIOR. Thank you for making me YOUR child! In JESUS’ name. Amen. When you have received JESUS as your SAVIOR, your sins are forgiven and you are GOD’S child. AS YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER, GOD WILL COMFORT YOU As your Heavenly FATHER, GOD will help heal the hurt you are feeling now. Someday you will go and live in Heaven with GOD, where there is no suffering, sorrow or death. You can talk to HIM anytime about anything. That is what it means to pray… You are talking to GOD. You can tell GOD about all the things that concern you. You can tell Him things you don’t want to say to anyone else. What would you like to talk to GOD about right now? "Prayer" ! Prayer is talking to GOD. GOD will hear and answer your prayer. Does this mean that nothing bad will ever happen again? No, bad things will always happen in (this) world. But you can know that GOD will always be with you. HE has promised HE will never leave you (Hebrews 13:5). The Bible also says the LORD is your helper. You don’t need to be afraid (Hebrews 13:6). Trust in GOD. He will help you get through anything. GOD loves you so much, HE gave you HIS words in a book called: "The Bible". There are many passages in the Bible that are helpful when we go through hard times. You can memorize these verses and say them when you feel sad or afraid. Always remember that GOD loves you and HE wants to help you through this hard time. “…I [God] will never leave you.” Hebrews 13:5 • “The Lord [God] is my helper; I will not fear.” Hebrews 13:6 • “[God] alone is my rock and my salvation.” Psalm 62:2 • “The Lord [God] is near to all who call on him.” Psalm 145:18 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1 “Study ~ Learn ~ Grow” Study” the Word of GOD - Learn” GOD’S Will - Grow” in HIS knowledge, love and understanding !

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